Borneo Happy Farm – One of the Best Eco-Farms in Kuching

If you are looking for a place to embrace yourself with nature and Sarawak’s local tradition, Borneo Happy Farm is the answer. Located approximately 10 kilometers from Kuching City, the farm is easily one of the largest in Sarawak.

What Borneo Happy Farm has to Offer?

First and foremost, Borneo Happy Farm is not very new in Kuching. Instead, they have been around for a couple of years. The farm is surrounded by secondary tropical rainforest which will give you the very best of nature’s vibe.

Borneo Happy Farm Entrance

The last 900 meters road reaching to the farm is not tarred. Hence, be careful when driving. Upon arriving, you will find out that the car park facility is very huge. So, do not worry about not having enough parking spaces.

Entrance Fee to Borneo Happy Farm

At the time of writing, the entrance fee for adult is RM30.00 and for children under 12 is RM20.00. You may feel that it is quite expensive at the moment but trust me, It will worth it. For “Warga Emas” and “OKU”, the rate is RM20.00.

Registration Counter

After the registration, each one of you will be given a map of check points for you to explore. Make sure to get the check point stamped for every visit because at the end of your trip, you will be eligible for lucky draw. 

Borneo Happy Farm Map and Checkpoints

First Checkpoint: Arowana Fish

The first checkpoint is where you can see Arowana fish bred in two ponds. They provided you with binoculars to see the fishes that are visible at the pond surface. This checkpoint also has aquariums contained even more species of fishes. I just feel very welcomed with their staff attitude. They are so friendly and one of the staff even answered every single questions thrown at him by my kid.


Second Checkpoint: Bunny’s Farm

The next checkpoint is the Bunny’s Farm. The hamsters feeding session is in the afternoon. They built a circuit for the hamsters to play around.

Feeding the rabbit

Third Checkpoint: Longevity Village

The Longevity Village is where you can see many types of turtle. This is the time to know which species are fully protected by the government. Definitely, there are some that you have never seen before.

Turtle Shell

Fourth Checkpoint: Savanna

After the turtle, you will be going to the Savanna checkpoint where you can see, horses, cows, wild boars, goats and a crocodile. The staff will give you chances to take photos of yourself with the horse. Therefore, grab that opportunity while you can touch the horse.

photo taking with a horse

At the end of this checkpoint, you will find a huge tree called Tapang or Menggeris. A tree where bees make their nest and honey. Again, an opportunity for a nice photo taking.

Fifth Checkpoint: Tropical Rainforest

A pathway from the Tapang tree will lead you to the Tropical Rainforest station. I did not manage to go into the natural trail due to the fact that the day is not going to let me. The heavy cloud was on top. 

However, outside the trail, there are animals kept for you to see, especially the endangered one like the otter. Not much varieties though.

Tropical Rainforest Entrance

Sixth Checkpoint: Farmers’ Paradise by Borneo Happy Farm

At this farm, you can see several types of cash crops planted by the Borneo Happy Farm staff. Pepper, banana, crystal fruit, pineapple and many more. 

Farmers' Paradise by Borneo Happy Farm

Seventh Checkpoint: Paddy Village

Out of all the checkpoints that they need us to go to, the Paddy Village is my least favorite. Growing in village and spend almost my childhood as a “Kampung” boy, I have seen this numerously . Unless you never seen how paddy looks like, be my guest.

Last Checkpoint at Borneo Happy Farm: Tropical Farm Cafe

If you start you adventure from the first station to this checkpoint. I am pretty sure that you are going to be hungry. Worry not, they have a canteen where you can fill your stomach. But the food is not that much varieties though. Just enough for you to refill that energy.

wooden mask

Not just a cafe, this station is also filled with the local communities tradition showcase such as Dayak, Chinese and Malay. You can wear the traditional costumes and play the “gongs”.

traditional costumes at Borneo Happy Farm

What’s New in Borneo Happy Farm?

While trying to finish all the checkpoints, we came across a section that is still under construction. It turns out that there will be hostels and camping sites offered to customers. That’s interesting. Means that, we can stay at Borneo Happy Farm soon. Check out this Iban longhouse style hostel. Pretty neat concept.

Long house hostel

In front of the long house, there is a field for any  outdoor activities. Perhaps, barbeque?

inside long house

A closer look of the long house.

Besides all the checkpoints describe above, there are more facilities and activities that you can do in Borneo Happy Farm. There is a KiddyLand for children’s playground.


Not to forget the Fruit hall where you can buy fruits, maybe. That time, there was no fruits on display. Probably, not fruiting season I guess. Worth mentioning here, the trems are also provided is you are too lazy to walk. The cost is RM3.00 per person. I would say that it is more of buggy.

There you go! Probably not the best review ever on my part, but I believe that photos of the Borneo Happy Farms that I have posted here are quite promising. If you haven’t go there, it is time to! It is worth every ringgit you spend.


With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.


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