Borneo Samariang Water Park

It’s weekend and my wife and I had planned to go to Borneo Samariang Water Park bringing our children together. At the time of this writing, they are doing their first anniversary and the entrance fee is on sale. I forgot what is the actual price though, but during the promotion, an adult will have to pay for RM20 and a kid (forgot the height measurement) is RM10.

From the photo above, I knew that our weekend gateway will going to be ruined by the bad weather. But going back home is not a very good idea too for us since this place is quite far from our home. My kids were very excited and didn’t not seem to care about the weather. We ran to the counter and made payment and were given four bar-coded water-proof wrist bands to the four of us. A credit worth RM90 for making purchases inside the facilities is stored inside one of our wrist bands.

The very first thing you will automatically think is, where should you store your belongings such as watch, spare clothes, wallets and so on? They provide locker service and you have to make a RM10 security deposit at the Tube Counter. There are three locker sizes and we chose the medium size to store our belongings. 

After changing to swimming suits, my kids straight away went to the Hornbill Island. Most children are here with their parents. After approximately watching them, my wife and I thinking of going to the Santubong Tower where most adults are here and the water slides are very high. Must be amazing, right? Before going there, I started to take photos of the facilities just for the sake of this writing without knowing my kids were already made their way to the Santubong Tower.

I saw their mother ran as fast as she could and I started running towards them. As we reached the first pool of the Santubong Tower, we saw a lifeguard pulling out both my kids from the pool. OMG! They were almost drowned. As a parent, I feel bad about myself, just a split second can cause something that could make me regret my whole life. And again, because of the guilty feelings and worried, I forgot to thank the lifeguard. I just want to thank him for saving my kids.

Luckily their lifeguards and attendants are quite many in numbers and very alert. So, their security level is tip-top!. After the incident, I felt less excited and the rain started to fall heavily. We went back to the changing room and  put up the clean clothes. Getting ready to go back home.

Now, I’m just waiting for my kids to grow older and need no adult supervision. I will definitely go back to try out the Santubong water slide. If you haven’t go there, please do so. Totally recommended!

Footnote: I do not have much photos, just because of the incident. I’m sorry.


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