Check your MUET Session 2 2019 result here

The waiting has finally over. As a working adult who is fully occupied with so many works, I almost forgot to check my MUET Session 2 2019 result. If you want to check yours, please visit the following link:


Are you happy and satisfied with your result? I hope so. How about myself? All I can say is that I am not that happy and not that sad. I got Band 4 and to be exact, 1 more mark to achieve Band 5 (this is so frustrating, yeahh I know).


Quite happy because I think I did well despite did not having a formal class or teacher who can teach me MUET. Looking back at the result, my worst paper was the writing paper where I got only half of the mark. By reading my blog post, you know my writing sucks 🙂 Nothing surprise..

Click here to read my post on the exam papers.

So, how about you? Hope you got flying colours! Let me know in the comment section down below.



With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.


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