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I just can’t believe it, my first post for my brand new personal blog is going to be a review of HelloGold and not a post that introduces myself. Well, no one wants to know who’s behind the keyboard, am I right? Setting up this blog is just to fill up those spare time that at one point I’m just don’t know what to do. So, here we are. 

Let’s just get to the point. What is HelloGold? Who they are? Are they legitimate? See the quote below which is extracted from their website.

At HelloGold, we believe that gold protects your savings, so we’ve made it our mission for everyone to have access to it in an affordable and secure way. Founded in 2015 by Malaysian co-founders Robin Lee and Ridwan Abdullah, we built the world’s first Shariah compliant gold mobile application that changes the way you buy, sell, send and redeem physical gold. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals have come together from the gold industry, financial services, technology, and digital user experience, with the aim of making gold available to all.

In my point of view, they have or in their way to transform how people buy and sell gold. Back in the old days, I always go to gold shops or traders to buy and sell gold. There is nothing wrong with it. The only thing that is quite troublesome is, the availability of gold prices information is pretty scarce and some traders offer different offers.

But with HelloGold, you get the gold prices, frankly speaking, every minute if you want or need to. 

Are they legit?

At first, I was a bit skeptical after falling to every investing scams out there. I tried it out, deposited some money, bought some gold and then sold it once the price was higher than the time I bought it.

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I withdrew the money to my preferred bank account, after two working days, the money appeared in my bank account statement. See photo below for proof:

If you see on the 1 March 2019, I withdrew RM100 to see whether they are legitimate or not. See below photo of my bank account statement.

I am aware that RM100 is pretty small to justify that this business operation is legit or not for some people out there. But for me, this is credible enough since I have no plans to invest the amount of money I do not dare to lose.

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To make things even better, they even gave me a one time bonus gold on 28 February 2018. Check it out below:

With a minimum of RM50 deposited and gold bought through the app, you are eligible to get a RM5 worth of gold bonus by using this hellogold promo code:


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Copy out this code and enter it in the “Rewards” section, then you will get your RM5 gold. Well, of course that code is mine, and I will receive RM5 gold too if you use it. 🙂 Thank you in advance.

Other Functionalities

One thing worth to note is the Gold Saving functionality. They offer different types of saving. The one that currently using is Saving for General. Basically, you have to deposit money (a minimum of RM30) per month for twelve consecutive months in order to successfully participate in this programme. 

How it works? HelloGold will automatically buy gold for you for the lowest price of that current day. So, you do not have to worry about keep on opening the app to check it. For me, it is the best function that an investment/saving app has done. Hassle free!

However, the only drawback that is worth to spill out here is the administrative fees. Almost all transactions incur fees, but considering all the hassle free functions and time saving that they give us, they deserve to charge this peanut from us in order to keep the platform alive and keep gold saving and investing is full of fun and interesting.

I think that’s all for now, and I will keep on updating this post if there’s any changes to the HelloGold platform. Don’t forget to use this promo code:


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when you plan to use HelloGold for your gold acquisition activity in the future. Please leave a comment if you have anything to say about them.



With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.


  1. Hello! I’ve never invested and am looking to invest in some gold. Do you think it is a good platform to start? How about losses, have you encountered any?

    • Hi Mel, frankly speaking it is a quite good platform to start. Of course there are some admin fees incur and it is not that risky as compared to forex. From trends of the gold price this few months, it is better to buy when the price going down at least to RM19+/gramme. Lower will be much better. I have tried the Smart saver plan. Good for long run. Losses? Almost one year now, I have not encounter any beside some profits 🙂 I sell the gold when the price is higher than the price I bought it

  2. Hi! Are you HellogoldPro because I saw at the QNA, only hellogoldpro can withdraw money to cash.

  3. Hi, I don’t understand the hello gold saver works. After saving the money for some period of time, cancel the saver plan, but when about to sell the gold, we will not get as actual saving money. How is that possible. It is a clear loss. I know trading Buy & Sell might anticipate the loss and profit, but saving plan too??

    • Hi Ehsan, sorry to hear that. I agree with you about the term “Saving”. It’s a bit misleading I would say. If I may ask, how long did you commit to the so called “Saving” plan? If just a couple of months, I do not think you will get any good return. It is all the same principle. When the price is higher than the time you bought it then u make some profit and vice versa. They encourage people to commit longer.

  4. There’s a caveat:
    Hellogold price spread is the highest among all paper gold account options in Msia. Hence you’d lose opportunity to profit the max out of it.

    It’s good with its small investment threshold, but that’s about it.

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