KLB Garden, Tebedu – Great for families and kids

Last weekend, I brought my family to the KLB Garden, which is situated at Tebedu district. It is near to the Sarawak-Kalimantan border. It took us approximately one hour from Kuching to the garden. It was quite an amazing place for your weekend gate away.

Entrance of the garden

We took the family package with the cost of RM64 which consist of two adults and two kids aged more than five years old. After paying the entrance fee, they gave us discount coupons which can be used before 31 December 2019.

Mini Zoo

The KLB Garden houses quite a number of animals that are considered quite rare and endangered species. So, it is a very good time for you to bring your kids to see these fauna. The animals are treated quite well even though this is not the place (cage) we want them to live. Well, it’s a zoo, what can you expect?

Ostrich species

Turkey species (well, these animals is not from Sarawak)

Help me to find the Sun Bear. So sorry I can’t get a nice photo of the animal because it was too passive that day.

Pitcher Plant Garden

Besides animals, they also created beautiful garden of pitcher plant and orchid, and also other species that I did not get the chance to identify. Even though the species of the pitcher plant and orchid are not diverse, at least the setup is nice that can attract people to come closer and learn to love these plants.

Playground for Kids

When your kids are getting bored, bring them to the playground. I can say that the jigsaw and all that are pretty basic. But, it is good enough for them to stay excited. 

Playground for kids

Boat Paddling

With a price of RM20, you can rent a paddling boat for half an hour. While paddling through the pond, you can feed the fish.

boat paddling

Swimming Pool

If you are feeling hot, just make your way to the swimming pool which is located just next to the boat paddling activity. The pool is quite big and you can swim as long as you want. 

Besides all the activities that I have explained above, you can also enjoy a pony ride, otter feeding and stay at their chalet for RM120-RM150 chalet. The KLB Gatden is also equipped with a very nice setup of dining area. Watch the video of KLB Garden to enjoy more views and do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


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