Let’s Visit Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo

Crocodile is a very scary predator if seen or found in the wild. What if it’s kept in the zoo or farm? Let me present to you, one of the largest crocodile farm in Malaysia, the Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

What’s in the Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo?

Clearly all sorts of crocodiles, which can be found in Borneo. Don’t get fool by the name though. Besides crocodiles, you can see many animals such as porcupines, peafowl, sun bear, fishes, and much more.

The main attraction of the farm is of course the crocodile feeding show which I will talk about later. But before that, let me just lay out some other features that can be found in this interesting farm that should be visited at least once.

Entrance Fee

How much is the price to enter? For Sarawakian, adult is RM14 and children is RM7. For non-Sarawakian, RM24 and RM12 for adult and children respectively. You will be given a wrist band upon payment.

Jong's Crocodile Farm and Zoo entrance

The first checkpoint when you enter the farm is a mini crocodile museum. There, you can read all about crocodiles and some interesting history related to Sarawak.

crocodile skull at the Jong's Crocodile Farm mini museum

More Animals at the Front Area

After the mini museum, you will find a variety of animals kept at this area. Frogs, sun bear, porcupine, peacock and many more. These animal can keep your children occupied meanwhile waiting for the crocodile feeding show.

white frog at jong's crocodile farmWhite frog

sun bear at jong's crocodile farm

Sun bear take a bath in its man-made pool.

More photos of these animals are not uploaded here so that you have more interest to be there yourself. What’s the fun of just looking at pictures? 🙂

The Crocodile Feeding Show at Jong’s Crocodile Farm

The first part of the zoo is not pretty big I would say although it housed quite a number of animals. After this part, you can see there are more cages filled with all sizes of crocodiles.

crocodiles in one of the cages in Jong's Crocodile Farm

If you thinking of buying snacks, you can go to the Bujang Senang Cafe. See below.

bujang senang cafe

If I am not mistaken, there are two feeding platform at Jong’s Crocodile Farm. The crocodiles are bred in ponds and these ponds are surrounded by fences for visitors’ safety.

feeding pond 2

This is where visitors sit and watch the feeding show.

crocodile pond

The concrete structure is where the staff lure the crocodile using chicken meat. The chicken meat is tied at the rope hang from the concrete structure. When the rope is roll until the meat reach the pond surface. This is where the crocodiles start to aim for its “prey”.

To see the real actions, you need to be there yourself. I have recorded some videos for my own which I think I would not want to upload here. It is time for you to get the real thrill. Start plan for your weekend to go to the Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo.


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