Leveraging Boost App for Hellogold purchase

If you are a Hellogold app user, you must have realised that when you transfer money to the app using online banking or credit/debit card, there will be a sum of fee that they charge.

This is not happening when you use Boost App. The best thing about this e-wallet app is then when you are transferring money to Hellogold app, they even give a small bonus which can cover miscellenous fees charged by Hellogold in the future. See screenshot below for proof:

Basically, as of the time of this writing, Boost app will give bonuses for most of your purchase made through the app. And I acknowledge that, this one of their promotional campaigns to attract more users. Having said that, this promotion will definitely gone after certain period of time. If you are not using Boost app yet, click the link below to install it in your smartphone:

Install Boost App

And get a RM5 bonus credited to your account by applying this boost promo code:


Ok, let us get back to Hellogold. For your information, I have been using the Hellogold SmartSaver function for some months now. This function requires me to debited a certain amount of money (which you can set yourself) to Hellogold for a period of 12 consecutive months (you can stop halfway, actually).

By using Boost app, I can leverage on the bonuses that Boost app awareded me which I can use to purchase gold later on. For a minimum RM50 per month for 12 months, I can get RM12 which can be used to buy golds or anything that you want.

If you are a Hellogold user, you do not want to waste anymore money. Gold price is on the rise right now, and it is time to make some savings. RM1 is still money. Go download the boost app:

Download Boost App

And apply this Boost promo code:


For those of you do not know what Hellogold is, check out my blog post about it here so that you have a better vision on what am I saying here.


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