MUET 2018 Session 1 – Paper 4 Writing

Question 1

Your are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this task.

A survey was carried out on the number of visitors to three zoos from 2011 to 2015 and the promotional activities carried out to attract the visitors in 2015. Analyse the data by linking the information in the visuals. You should write between 150 and 200 words.

Figure 1: Number of Visitor to Three Zoos (2011 – 2015)

Table 1: Promotional Activities Carried Out by the Zoos in 2015

Question 2

You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this task.

“Unemployment among graduates today is caused by their own attitude.” Do you agree with the statement? Justify your stand by giving relevant examples where appropriate. You should write at least 350 words.

—–End of Questions—–

Suggested Answers

Question 1

Number of Visitors (2011-2015) to Three Zoos and Promotional Activities carried out by the Zoos in 2015

Figure 1 shows number of visitors to three zoos (2011-2015) while Table 1 shows promotional activities carried out by the zoos in 2015.

The three activities carried out by Nature’s Pets ‘live animal performance’, ‘free rides around the zoo’ and ‘weekend celebrities’ attracted the most number of visitors (590 000) which is the highest among the three zoos in 2015. Although Animal Town conducted 3 promotional activities every month’, and ‘tea session with the chimpanzees’, the number of visitors was the least at 180 000 in 2015.

Despite carrying out the same number of promotional activities (3), Animal Town recorded a lower number of visitors (180 000) than Nature’s Pets (590 000). Nature’s Pets ‘weekend with celebrities’ most likely attracted more visitors (590 000) than Four Legged Farm’s lucky draw (470 000) although both zoos had the same two activities (‘live animal performances’ and ‘free rides around the zoo’) in 2015.

Animal Town registered a decreased number of visitors from 350 000 (2011) to 180 000 (2015) while Nature’s Pets charted an increase from 300 000 (2011) to 590 000 (2015). The number of visitors to Four Legged Farm remained constant (470 000) in 2013, 2014 and 2015. However, the number of visitors in 2012 was slightly higher (480 000).

In conclusion, the types of promotional  activities influenced the number of visitors to the zoos in 2015.

Question 2


Unemployment is a conundrum suffered not only in our country, but in other countries as well. News of unemployment is ubiquitous throughout the country which ultimately attracts different contentions from various levels of society in order to find solutions as well as postulating the reasons of this intricate problem today. Often, the critics cited graduates’ own attitude as the pivotal cause of unemployment, of which I somewhat concur with the assertion. I will further illustrate the points to underpin this statement veracity.

Firstly, a high demand of salary among the newly graduated is one of my supporting points in contending with the previously mentioned statement own attitude is the cause of unemployment among graduates. An article from the internet has mentioned that fresh graduates demand an irrational value for their starting pay (RM4 500) for a degree holder while the employer can only offer a salary of Rm2 500. The offers given by the employers are reasonable as the graduates lack experience in the jobs applied. Demanding high salary consequently leads to employers having to refuse to appoint them which ultimately leads to unemployment. Despite having a plethora of new jobs and vacancies offered, the unemployment rate remains high because of the unreasonable demand of high salary among the graduates.

Besides that, the problem which is faced by new graduates today is poor communication skills. In spite of having graduated from some prestigious universities or institutions of higher learning which emphasize communication skills in their curricular, graduates still unable to perform well in communication especially during interviews. To illustrate an example, many graduates are still struggling to communicate especially in English, though the usage is universal in many companies and organizations. Lack of encouragement as well as the authorities is partly to be blamed, leading to companies isolating graduates with poor communication skills in English.

Lack of discipline (punctuality and good ethics) is another issue cited as the reason for the unemployment which results from the graduates’ own attitude. Coming late to work as well as missing in action is only the modicum of problems stemming from the lack of discipline. As companies value and recognize their reputations, hiring graduates with an attitude problem is like opening a Pandora’s Box to them. For instance, an anecdotal evidence acquired by one of my acquaintances said that some of the graduates who worked in a reputable company often spend their working time smoking or in pantry, thus neglecting their jobs altogether. As a result, the company laid them off while holding a principle not to hire fresh graduates anymore in the future.

In conclusion, a lot of conundrums that have caused unemployment are actually the result of the fresh graduates own attitude. Even though graduates should not be solely blamed for being unemployed, “upgrading” their own attitude can somewhat tackle this concern. Thus, this leads to a flourished economy of the country and a reduced unemployment rate among graduates.

Do not agree

In a situation of just having graduated and arming oneself with an academic credential and a future that looks truly promising, it is indeed a big letdown to find the real truth – that getting job today is not a piece of cake. All the dream jobs and a bright future that have conjured in one’s mind vanish into thin air. Gone are the days when having a university degree promises you a lucrative salary and a high position in working world. Hence, this leads one to ponder – who is to blamed? Is it because of the graduates’ own attitude or other external factors? I am compelled to say that, there is indeed a degree of truth and it is undeniable that our education system and the unrealistic expectations of employers have indeed contributed to the unemployment rate among the graduates.

It is indeed unfair to put the blame on the graduates for being unemployed. Let us look at our present education system that has failed to produced graduates who are marketable. This is because there is a mismatch between what is taught and learnt in learning institutions and the needs and demands of a company. In this context, employers prefer to hire graduates who have high academic achievements and have soft skills, and critical thinking skills as well as interpersonal skills. In short, companies are looking for a ‘people person’. This will definitely hold an edge where these attributes will enable employees to work productively. However, sadly our education system does not produce graduates with such elements that make them more marketable. There is a serious unparallelism between what the universities teach and the skills needed in the working environment. Instead of preparing the undergraduates to be more employable, our education system is more bookish and exam oriented. It is very common to find undergraduates regurgitating acts drilled into them during examinations. Hence many graduates fail to impress their potential employers during job interviews thus failing to land themselves the jobs.

In this digital and globally challenging world and the competitive economic world, many companies and organizations are struggling to survive and sustain their profits. This leads to the employers having unrealistic demands and expectations of the graduates. Employers today are looking for job seekers who can bring profits and are able to manipulate the market to the company’s advantage. Hence, graduates who have vast experiences and credentials that show that they have the capabilities to do so are highly prioritize and sought after against hose who are novice and fresh graduates. The newbies are not given the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities as the employers argue that they do not want to incur any losses due to their lack of experience and credentials. For the employers – experience is a factor of the utmost importance factor to facilitate the work and experience graduates are equipped with the necessary content and skills. As a result, many graduates are left cold being unemployed because of the unrealistic demand of the organization and company.

In conclusion, the increasing rate of unemployment of graduates is indeed not due to their own attitude but rather external factors such as the mismatch of our education system versus the demand for the real working world and the unrealistic demand of the organization. So having an excellent grade nor being in the dean’s list every semester nor having the right attitude will necessarily land a graduate a job.

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