MUET Session 2 2019 – Past Year Papers

MUET Session 2 2019 – Past Year Papers

It does feel good to be back. More than a month, this blog has been in silent mode. Due to the fact that I’m a working adult and in the same time preparing for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), I had to put my hobby on hold for a momment.

After the final paper of the MUET which was listening that day I felt so relieved. Not to say that I did well, (by reading this blog, you know that my English is horrible) but I have at least finished the tests and there is nothing to worry about anymore. Just need to wait for the results.

I am not going to tell my whole experience of taking MUET exam, but I am writing this to share with you the actual MUET Session 2 2019 papers which include Writing and Reading papers.

Maybe some of you will ask, why only Writing and Reading papers? Where is Listening and Speaking? My answer is, the only question papers that are allowed to be brought back with you are this two papers. 

Before that, I would like to apologize for the bad quality of the documents. Those are my actual papers which I mostly wrote my answers and some sketches here and there and I forgot to rub them off.

Without further a due, visit the following link to download the papers

Download MUET papers!

Click here for 2018 papers!

I will write in a separate blog post regarding on the listening and speaking. I am aware that the paper that makes most of the candidates having the hard time is the speaking paper.

Footnote: Check your result by clicking here.


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