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  1. Sewn qualitatively. Sat down well. At 50-52, height 183, weight 87, took 2xl

  2. Watch excellent for this money. All as in the description. Came to kiev for three weeks

  3. The size grid matches the material tight. Growth 184, weight 82. Shirt xxl. On the sleeves outside the button and inside the ribbon to secure the rolled sleeves. On the back of the hanger loop.

  4. Very good purchase, arrived in perfect condition, in a while longer reported its operation

  5. Exactly what I expected it to be and it’s surprisingly nice! It has good packaging and the watch looks and feels great. Seriously worth it for the price.

  6. Wow!!! it’s wonderful!! it works out of perfection. i love it, that if. something shredded came, it came without a box.

  7. The quality is excellent. The only thing that because of fleece, from the side of the back constantly bends at the end and itself does not align, you need to iron.

  8. Looks all well, as in action i will write later, delivery is fast, ordered from china

  9. Very good, perfect working as description, the watch has come with charge and could test some functions so arrived. Sorry that the manual has Translation in Portuguese, but has Spanish already understand a little. Yet downloaded the app to connect with the smartphone.

  10. Device מצויין, rope on time, above and beyond לציפיות.

  11. THE watch is very beautiful and comfortable, the color is beautiful TBM. App easy move! It Took a while to get but within.

  12. The watches are very elegant, i am looking forward to testing it to verify its operation.

  13. Super attentive m helped to choose the size . Jacket beautiful. Size XL would P Brazil she is not thick is for cool days. Recommend

  14. Watch gun. Reached kaliningrad in 6 days. In the box there is a manual on the Russian. From the box immediately updated and appeared the russian language in the settings of the clock. (by the way, were quite hidden, so that i passed half a day).

  15. The shirt is good, quality. On my sizes 52 (russian) and height 182 took xxl. In principle, it’s normal, but i love clothes more freely, so it’s better than 3xl. delivered quite quickly. 21.05 was ready to ship-08.06 received in the mail. Everything from-lich-but!!! Thank you!

  16. The clock is excellent, but the delivery pumped… A week i was fed delivery until the store connected the decision was not, for which he thanks

  17. It came a little scratched from the back. But the rest very well, the packed well protected

  18. Very beautiful quality watches, light, sit pleasantly on the hand. But! I had to update for a long time, after which i put russian language, since the device was originally designed for the american market. Definitely i advise you to take Of the minuses it is only a dull screen, but then choose either autonomy/or juicy bright screen

  19. Great watch! After the update appeared and russian language! Select notifications! All for sports!! Dial selection))

  20. The watch came in 14 days, packed well in the factory box without opening by store, for this special thanks. In the kit was a spare strap and a film on the watch, as it was agreed in the order. one small minus is in the spare strap there are no holes for its removal or dressing as in the original, may not minus, but so inconvenience. the watch came charged at 90%, on the box year 2018. In general, everyone is happy, thanks to the seller all class, well, the work of the clock will show time. If there is something to supplement, i will add Later, as you use. thanks.

  21. Packed norms, reached for a month-the post of russia rulit) updated when connected to the phone immediately. the store put the protective film.

  22. THE Watch arrived with 40 days,. but within the expected time, very satisfied with the watch have not even in Portuguese is easy handling

  23. THE product arrived fast. THE watch is very beautiful and working perfectly. Recommend buying.

  24. Bought 28/06, the store sent 13/07 and arrived today 31/07!! Very top watch, well packed and all working properly and not taxed by revenue nor charged fee 15 Real office! Will buy another, to Brazilian I recommend buying! Were 16 calendar days for Field Grande-MS.

  25. The clock came to tyumen for about two weeks, a good store. film as a gift

  26. Product 100% as advertised. A little slow to post, however the trasporte was very fast to delivery Recommend to everyone Not taxed

  27. Good store and great product. I was not taxed and the seller shipped fast.

  28. Very Happy! Top Product, honest store, delivery time spectacular (22 days), beautifully packaged! Will more requests for sure!!!✌

  29. Great product and store recommend D + +! Arrived With 10 days, buy again Sure, thanks for the commitment to customers.

  30. It looks super premium, first impression i like very much; i’ll try it to see how it goes

  31. Very unhappy with logistics!!! the order was 26.06, the shipment description should be no more than 5 days, but …. the store ‘s watch sent after only 14 days!! perhaps due to the fact that the watch is very “fresh”, the release of july 2019. But why not write what is waiting for delivery from the factory?? I ordered it as a gift, and they did not come in time .. before khabarovsk long enough! By the clock there are no complaints, in the original box with all seals. Installed mi fit and started updating. Without problems connected to the phone (honor 8), updated, the setup was done without any effort. The russian language is put automatically when registering in the app. Very large selection of dials. In addition to the watch as a gift, the seller put the protective film, this +. Model hours to buy-i recommend.

  32. I would like to share the best backtrack site I have used and found this the best one

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    • Hi, there’s a link in this post and you can download it from there. I also have created a post for 2018 speaking paper.

  33. Hello! I’ve never invested and am looking to invest in some gold. Do you think it is a good platform to start? How about losses, have you encountered any?

    • Hi Mel, frankly speaking it is a quite good platform to start. Of course there are some admin fees incur and it is not that risky as compared to forex. From trends of the gold price this few months, it is better to buy when the price going down at least to RM19+/gramme. Lower will be much better. I have tried the Smart saver plan. Good for long run. Losses? Almost one year now, I have not encounter any beside some profits 🙂 I sell the gold when the price is higher than the price I bought it

  34. Hi! Are you HellogoldPro because I saw at the QNA, only hellogoldpro can withdraw money to cash.

  35. Hi, thanks for uploading the past year question, do you have the answer of the paper?

    • Hi, thanks for dropping a comment. Unfortunately, I don’t. I am still looking for it, at least from reliable sources. Just stay tuned for future updates.

  36. Thank you for uploading these papers! Hope you have a nice day !^^

  37. Do you have any idea how many people already on this platform? Anyway, thanks for sharing. I never visited their website though.

    • Seriously speaking, not really sure. Maybe not that saturated. It is good to be the early birds

  38. Hi, I don’t understand the hello gold saver works. After saving the money for some period of time, cancel the saver plan, but when about to sell the gold, we will not get as actual saving money. How is that possible. It is a clear loss. I know trading Buy & Sell might anticipate the loss and profit, but saving plan too??

    • Hi Ehsan, sorry to hear that. I agree with you about the term “Saving”. It’s a bit misleading I would say. If I may ask, how long did you commit to the so called “Saving” plan? If just a couple of months, I do not think you will get any good return. It is all the same principle. When the price is higher than the time you bought it then u make some profit and vice versa. They encourage people to commit longer.

  39. My question is:
    If a SaveValue product price was RM3, then 1 customer bought it. So, I have to pay RM3 with my credit right?
    Now, what if there were 3 customer bought it, does that mean I need to pay RM9 credit for it? Or is it one time payment per product?

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for the questions. For question number 1, yes your credit will be deducted by 3.00 which equals to RM3.00, For question number 2, you are also right. 9.00 credit will be deducted from your SaveValue account. To make it clearer, if all that three different customers bought the item exactly at the same time, 9.00 credit will be deducted from your account.

      Hope this helps.

        • The registration is quite confusing especially for those who use dropshipping. I am afraid that you have to use your own address for the program and not SaveValueMart. I haven’t try though. I would suggest you to contact shopee after a week or so after you have made your registration.

  40. Hello. Do you have MUET reading session 3 2019 paper? Would really appreciate it if you could share it. Thank you.

    • Hi Farah, Apologise for the late response. Unfortunately, I do not have the paper for the time being. Will share once I got it.

  41. Thank you, I really needed this. So I also started dropshipping products using Kumoten as my supplier to shopee. So far so good with the promotions since I frequently promote in social media via Instagram and Whatsapp. However, I was too late as I have just read the reviews from other dropshipper users’ reviews when using Kumoten. They all agree with how the supplier charges high and customer service is poor.
    I had my very first order from a customer, I only profited RM23. However, it seems not worth it as I have to topup credit around RM50. 🙁

    • Hi, Athena! Thanks for sharing your experience here. I think maybe it is time that Kumoten start to value promoters like us. Without us, they won’t get more profit. At least improve the customer service.

      Regarding your first order, nothing much I can say. But you need to leverage on that order, make sure the buyer leave a very high rating and review to attract more buyers in future. At the beginning, you will always losing money for marketing.

    • Hi Goh, thanks for your inquiry. Sadly, I can’t answer you on that. I can’t find any page of SaveValueMart on how to withdraw your credits. But from my experience using other platforms, to be specific,, you have to contact their support and tell them you want need to cancel your account. They will transfer the credit to your bank account.

      Hope this helps.

      • i have been trying to contact them over several issues but support at kumoten is unresponsive. their live chat is no longer up. no one answers the phone. emails are left unanswered. if you dont mind me asking, in your past experience, how exactly did you do it? lol.

  42. Hi blogger! I found nothing interesting than visiting your blog!! It was great!! I have bought the MUET past year books. Reading, writing and speaking components at the books no problem to me. But, I have the problem regarding listening components. I have the questions and also the CD, would you mind to help me??? How can the Input from the CD can be transferred to Smartphone ????? Because I don’t have the CD player, its so pricey😬

    • Hi Ryings.. Thanks for reaching out. Do you have an older laptop that has CD player? That’s the only way u can rip the audio out. Then you can transfer it to ur smartphone. U might want to borrow laptops or perhaps go to a nearby cyber cafe if this is a thing anymore 🙂

  43. ive been trying to contact kumoten over several issues one of them being how to request the credit balance withrawal but support at kumoten is unresponsive. their live chat isnt up anymore, they dont answer the phone and my emails are left unanswered. if you dont mind me asking, in your experience, how exactly did you do it?

  44. Are you sure Komuten is not a scam? I placed 2 orders and my account get suspended. The first order did not deliver after 3 weeks, tracking number not valid.

    • Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear ur unpleasant experience with Komuten. I am in no authority to verify that some businesses are scam or not. As for my personal experience with komuten, I believe 95% of my orders are fulfilled with no issues. That was before I cancelled my account with them and they transfer back the remaining credit to my bank account. What I can suggest you is to contact them at their Facebook page via messenger. That’s the medium I used to settle my dispute with them. Let me know if this helps.

  45. Hi, what if my shopee customers buy products that are not from savevalue(products that i sell) and products that are from savevalue ? I have watched youtube video saying that the postage will be seperated ? How do i manage that since there will be only 1 shopee airwaybill ?

    • Hi Fikri. I haven’t encounter this situation before. But logically, it will be separated. If save value mart is the first one to ship, then, the Shopee tracking will use save value mart. It is best to inform ur customer the situation prior to shipping.

  46. Hi, I’m newbie for save value mart dropshipping. Do you know how to get the profit? Cause the member cost stated on the product in save value is rm19 and the selling price i put for shopee is rm22.80. Why i have to pay rm22.80 to save value mart instead of paying the member cost? Help me to clarify this thank you

    • Hi Lily, it looks weird to me. Btw, have you register or create an account with save value mart? If yes, how do you put the product at Shopee? Auto sync or manually?

  47. There’s a caveat:
    Hellogold price spread is the highest among all paper gold account options in Msia. Hence you’d lose opportunity to profit the max out of it.

    It’s good with its small investment threshold, but that’s about it.

  48. I just registered on save value and wanted to give it a try to publish 1 of the product from save value to shopee. Unfortunately, when its come to shopee sync its wont allowed me to select the category section and i failed to upload the product due to the category.

  49. Hi sir. Thank you for uploading this! But do you have the answer for this paper ?

  50. Hi! Can I use Shopee Supported Logistics (such as J&T) for me to do dropshipping with SaveValue2u? I was told that any kind of dropshiping must use “Others” method of logistic and can not use SSL? How true is this? Please help. Thanks.

  51. I am doing dropshipping with SaveValue too. But one thing bothers me. The products that I chose in SV, I made sure all of them are correctly synced to my Lazada seller account, and all of them have already mark with a green tick. Question is, why some times I check my SV store I see some of the products suddenly turn ‘unsynced’ (green tick turns to greyed-out)? I tried to re-sync again, but the same time another product becomes ‘unsynced’ too. I end up re-sync everything twice and this is really troubling and wasting time. Does anyone know why is this happening?

  52. many other competitor can sell the same item i found on kumoten with a much lower price tag. For example, usb fan mine RM35 vs them RM24. If i sell 24, i lost almost RM2 when the initial price is around RM25+ in Kumoten. How is this possible? Are they using different and better dropship platform?

  53. Hi, do you know anyway to withdraw top up money from savevalue2u? I dont see any article about this “withdraw”. So there is no way to get the money back once we top up?

  54. thank you for your sounds like very interesting place and I am planning to go.

  55. hi am grateful for this website.
    however, i cant seem to get the english paper
    kindly let me know how to get the latest version of english spm because my daughter is going to take the exam in december
    since the covid, she has been lost

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