Organizing your Team Building at Siar Beach Union Yes Retreat and Training

When the year comes to an end. most organisation will start to look for a place to organize their team bulding activities for their staff. Companies at Kuching vacinities must look at Siar Beach’s Unioin Yes Retreat and Training resort for their next training ground.

Union Yes Retreat and Training Facilities

First and foremost, I would like to say that my trip to Union Yes Retreat and Training which is located at Siar Beach, Lundu is not about Team Building activities or any sort of that. In fact, I was there just to blow of some steams after a hectic schedules of daily work. 

I was pretty tense with the event that me and my organization was having. My wife looked at me and surely she knew that I need a vacation to release that tension. So to make it short, she booked a room for us to stay at one of the beaches at Siar, Lundu. 

Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre entrance

This is the scene of the retreat centre’s entrance. As you can see, there are two levels of rooms for you can stay. I believe that, the team building activies can be catered for up to 100 staff in your companies. More parking spaces can be found the the right hand side of the photos.

Rooms for Guests

The good thing about this resort is that you can make bookings dirrectly using their own website. In my case, the price of the room that we stayed in was RM149.00 per night. This was include breakfast for two. They provided us with one king size bed and one queen sized bed. 

The room that we stayed the night in was quite spacious. Not sure about other rooms though. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos inside the room.

Training Hall at Union Yes Retreat and Retreat

So, where does the training hall located at? It’s located at Level One of the hostel styled building. At the first glance, I think it can acccomodate up to 100 persons for any team building activities. If you want to feel more comfortable, maximum person would be 70 people, I would guess.

Swimming Pool

swimming pool at union yes retreat and training centre

There are three sections of swimming pools at the Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre. The photo shown above is suitable for adults. The photos shown below is for the kids.

swimming pool for kids at Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre

As you can see, there is a slide for kids to play on. Just be extra carefull when sliding through. The slide is made of cement and can injur your kid’s skin.

Beach Volley Ball Field at Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre

On your way to the beach, there is a voley balls net set up for you to play beach volley ball. The area is quite big and of course it can accomodate a ful 6 player on each side.

beach volley ball at siar beach

You can even do any team building activities or family related games here. Pretty spacious I would say.

Flying Fox

Want to feel more adventurous? Try the flying fox at the beach. At the time of writing, I believe that flying fox is not open for public. There are some charges if you want to try out the activity.

flying fox

This photo shows the platform where people start to fly through the cable. It is not that tall I would say but it’s suffice for the first timers.

The Beach at Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre

Going to Lundu and missed the beach swimming is not the thing you should do. You must try at least soak your feet in the sea. Step on the sand and look for sea shells. 

Beach at Union Yes Retreat and Training centre

Well. there’s nothing much I would say on the beach. Is it clean? I would say 8/10. If you go further right facing the ocean, you will find rocks which is pretty nice for selfie sessions.

Siar Beach at Lundu actually has three resorts where you can stay. One of it is this one. I haven’t go to the other two. They are just next to each other. Just a different towkeys, maybe? 

Have you been to the other two resorts? Let me know in the comment section.



With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.

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