Premium LitSara® Hand Sanitizer by Sarawak, Malaysia

The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is currently (at the time of writing) hitting Malaysia, particularly in Kuching, Sarawak, everyone has a very big role to play. All of us need to be very vigilant and practice social distancing and keep a very good hygiene at all cost. With that being said, I have came across and bought a premium Hand Sanitizer Malaysia made, which is called LitSara® Hand Sanitizer.

Introducing The Hand Sanitizer Malaysia Made


The LitSara® Hand Sanitizer comes in a 500ml bottle with a price of RM77.60. If you compare with other sanitizer products out there, you will find out that this hand sanitizer is more expensive, let say around 10% – 20%. This price is in the range of all those premium brands such as Young and Living.


If you notice the ingredients, there is a mixture of Litsea cubeba oil. Which I think increases the price. After done researching, Litsea cubeba which is found mostly in the Sarawak’s highland has a better essential oil if compared to the ones in China.

Hand Sanitizer Malaysia - Ingredients

The Litsea cubeba essential oil which is mixed with the product gives a lemony and citrusy scent that can make you feel refreshed after smelling it. Those who hate the smell of alcohol, the essential oil can easily beat the harsh alcohol scent.

Features of LitSara® Hand Sanitizer

Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer

Like most of the Hand Sanitizer products out there, you do not have to rinse your hands with water after you apply some. The liquid is very quick drying.

Non- Sticky 

As claimed at the product label and personally tried, it is not sticky and again very quick drying.

Contains 70% Alcohol

The product contains 70% alcohol which is the standard that approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM).

Production of LitSara Hand Sanitizer

Reading the LitSara website, the essential oil is produced by five indigenous communities. With the location is quite far from the centre, the production is quite limited. That is why, the oil is very premium. The plant itself which produce the essential oil to make the products is not easily available in Sarawak.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Have you ever listened to news that there were some individual caught by the authorities producing this anti bacteria product at their home? You heard me right. This kind of products are very sensitive and need a very high standard of production. Ones need to follow the standard operating procedures set by certain authorities. The manufacturing must meet some sort of test in order to make sure that the products are safe to be used by public.

In the case of LitSara Hand Sanitizer, it is manufactured by Dri’ and Guard Sdn Bhd which have the GMP status. This will clear the mind especially those who have a very high concern towards alcohol based products.

Where to get LitSara Hand Sanitizer?

I bought mine through their website. As far as I know, they sell it only in the centre at Kuching, Sarawak. But, do not worry. You can just buy online at their website. Besides hand sanitizer, they also have a range of natural personal care products such as body wash, soaps, essential oils and many more.

Before I forget, a portion from the sales will be shared with the five indigenous communities. For those who support indigenous people rights, this product is the way to go.



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