Purchasing Date of BSN UPU Pin Number for Public University Intake 2020/2021

The announcement for the date of purchasing the BSN UPU Pin Number has been made and for those who are recently “graduated” from SPM and STPM are to be advised to take note on these dates. The pin number is used for those who wish to apply for government/public universities, Polytechnic, Institut Latihan Kemahiran Awam, and  Kolej Komunity for the 2020/2021 session.

Important Date

For those who already had their SPM, STPM and Diploma apply for the UPU intake 2020/2021 session starting from 24 February 2020 until 7 April 2020.

However, to apply for the UPU, all candidates or applicants must purchase the unique UPU ID number at the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) before you can access the online UPU application form system. THIS ID MUST BE PURCHASED.

What is UPU Online?

It is an online system which was developed to make sure the application to the public universities, Polytechnic, ILKA and Kolej Komuniti runs smoothly and with ease. 

Among the programmes that are open for application are certificate level, diploma and bachelor degree. Students are encouraged to choose very wisely especially on the course based on their potential, skill, interest and minimum requirement of the course that he/she wants to apply.

Do you need to pay for the Pin Number?

The answer is, YES. The price for each pin number for this session remains the same as to the previous sessions which is RM15.60

How to purchase?

For individual purchasing, you can:

  • Directly go to the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) counter
  • If the applicant or the parents have the Giro account with the bank, they can do it over the bank’s ATM machine
  • do it over Online Banking

Info needed during the purchasing

These are the information needed when you are buying the unique UPU ID:

  • Name
  • Identity Card Number (IC)

Once you have done with the purchasing, BSN will provide you a receipt which include the unique ID number.

If you have any further questions regarding the BSN UPU Pin Number for public universities intake session 2020/2021 you can contact:

Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar
Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi
Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi
Aras 4, No. 2, Menara 2, Jalan P5/6, Presint 5
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62200 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8870 8200
Fax: 03 8870 6864
E: upu@mohe.gov.my


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