Read this before you “Buy It Now” a mobile app from an auction site

The usage of smartphone nowadays is increasing tremendously, from playing games to internet browsing. More developers are focusing on developing applications for android, iOS and etc. 

Almost whatever applications developed can generate income for the developers. Even if they let the consumers use it for free, they can make some money out of it by including sponsored advertisements inside their applications.

For people like me who knows nothing on how to create an application, I can just bid or buy any apps or games that are put on sale on auction sites. This is what I have done recently. I bid for a hyper casual games and directly hit the “Buy It Now” (BIN) button which is valued at USD100. 

The impatience of hitting that BIN button had actually made me regret doing so. Clearly, I did not do any research on the mobile game that I was going to purchase. I do not know, is the game really worth USD100?

The game is called Corona Wars. It is an arcade shooter game of spaceship in the galaxy.

I was looking at the proof of income the seller put on the description of the game which is proximately USD20/month. The income is coming from AdMob. It is a mobile advertising company which its parent company is Google.

Basically, the rule of thumb you need to follow when buying a business is that, you have to calculate how much is that business making in a year.

In this case, the seller claimed that, the mobile game makes USD20/month and for a year is of course USD240 which is much cheaper than the BIN price. That is why I didn’t hesitate to click on that f**king button!

To cut it short, I should have:

Interact with the Seller more

I should have requested more info especially on the part of the revenue. At least, get some figure of their revenue for the entire year and not settled with just 2 or 3 months.

Try and play the games

Install the game and play it. Experience it like a real user. You will definitely know how a shitty game is!

Check the graphics and design

You can easily know a professionally done graphics design of the game’s assets. The one that I bought, was pretty awful.

Read the users’ review and ratings

This sh*t is pretty straight forward. Users opinions are your best way to improve. However, I was cheated by the users opinion. I believe that the comments and feedback wrote by the users are all paid. How come a shitty game can have a pretty good rating??

I do believe that this three points are good enough to know whether a certain applications or mobile games are worth to be bought from an auction sites or not. Do not be like me. I had wasted my USD100!


With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.

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