Save Value Dropship Review: Another Wholesaler from Malaysia You Should Check Out

Dropship program is not a new thing. More people are venturing into this kind of business especially when the current pandemic struck. For those of you who still do not have any idea of what a dropship program is, I’ll breakdown the Save Value Dropship review the easiest way possible so that everyone can decide whether this program is worth their time or not.

First of all, Save Value Mart is a wholesaler located at Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. They have been in the business quite sometime. They have products ranging from Health & Beauty, Home & Living, Car accessories and many more. However, if compared to Kumoten.com in terms the number of product, I think that they are still left behind. Worth noting here is that, most of their stocks are ready to be shipped out in 1 – 2 days and not pre-order which is good for local customers.

Save Value Dropship Review

For your information, I have tried couple of dropship programs and make some money out of them. Same goes to the Save Value Mart. I will not going to write reviews of any program if I have not trying them especially Save Value Dropship program.

Signing Up with Save Value Mart

Signing up with Save Value Mart is easy. Click here to start a registration. For your information, you have to have Shopee, Lazada or Lelong account in order to be successfully dropship at these e-commerce platforms. Once you have account for all the targeted e-commerce platforms, it is time to head over to your Save Value Mart account.

Sync you Save Value Mart Account with Ecommerce Platforms

The next part is to sync your Save Value Mart account with the e-commerce platforms of your choice. As shown in the image above, click on the edit button and enter the login credentials of the respective platform. Once successful, you are ready to choose as much products as you want to your e-commerce platform. To do that, just click to the browse products   menu at the left side of the page.

Browse and Select Products to Promote

Once you click at the Browse Products menu, a new tab of your browser will open. For this example, I have selected the key cover product to promote. As you can see in the image above, click on the “Add To My Store Now” button. If you do not see the button, that means the product is out of stock. Now go back to your account dashboard to start the sync process.

Sync Product to Selected E-commerce Platforms

As you can see in the image above, this is “My Store Page”. In my case, there is only Shopee logo at the Sync column because I only sync with Shopee. Now, click the grayed Shopee logo to start syncing.

First step is to select the most accurate category for the product. And then the name of the product if you want to edit it and then the description. Now, pay attention to the Shipping Method.

Shopee Airwaybill is only when your shoppe account has been approved for Shopee Free 5KG Shipping Program. If not, just select Other Postage or else you are going to pay the shipping with your own money. Next is to adjust your profit margin. If you are happy with the one offered by Save Value Mart, then let it be. Finally, click that Sync   button which is located at the right-bottom of the page.

Add Credit

To increase the automation of this platform, it is advisable for you to add in some credit to your Save Value Mart account. The platform uses crediting system where, RM1 equals to 1 credit, approximately. If you have a sale at Shopee for example, the platform will automatically fetch the order details from Shopee and sync it with the platform and process the order quickly. If you do not have enough credit, then your order will be halted until you top-up sufficient credit.

Very easy, doesn’t it? 

Save Value Dropship Review or Merely Promotion?

I believe that this written review of Save Value Dropship   program is more towards on how-to article. Some will say that I am promoting it, but thrust me. Laying out all the steps and the platform functionalities is a better review that anyone can get. 

So, do you think that is it worth your time. If you ask me, it is worth checking out. Their system is on par with the other competitors. Products wise, I believe they will grow in the meantime. Support? For real, they have contacted me to settle some issues which was caused by my own just a day I created an account with them. Product price and profit margin, the minimum I saw is 15%.

Just reading this review about the Save Value Dropship program won’t get you any result. Go to their website and try it out to see whether what am I writing here is true or not. And let me know your findings by commenting down below.




With more than 10 years of working experiences, I find myself to be a dynamic person who adapts to the changes of working environment. Even though I am multitasking, I do not consider myself as an expert in the niche of what I do. Nevertheless, I believe I have a fair amount of knowledge that many people might find very useful.


  1. Do you have any idea how many people already on this platform? Anyway, thanks for sharing. I never visited their website though.

    • Seriously speaking, not really sure. Maybe not that saturated. It is good to be the early birds

  2. My question is:
    If a SaveValue product price was RM3, then 1 customer bought it. So, I have to pay RM3 with my credit right?
    Now, what if there were 3 customer bought it, does that mean I need to pay RM9 credit for it? Or is it one time payment per product?

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for the questions. For question number 1, yes your credit will be deducted by 3.00 which equals to RM3.00, For question number 2, you are also right. 9.00 credit will be deducted from your SaveValue account. To make it clearer, if all that three different customers bought the item exactly at the same time, 9.00 credit will be deducted from your account.

      Hope this helps.

        • The registration is quite confusing especially for those who use dropshipping. I am afraid that you have to use your own address for the program and not SaveValueMart. I haven’t try though. I would suggest you to contact shopee after a week or so after you have made your registration.

    • Hi Goh, thanks for your inquiry. Sadly, I can’t answer you on that. I can’t find any page of SaveValueMart on how to withdraw your credits. But from my experience using other platforms, to be specific, kumoten.com, you have to contact their support and tell them you want need to cancel your account. They will transfer the credit to your bank account.

      Hope this helps.

      • i have been trying to contact them over several issues but support at kumoten is unresponsive. their live chat is no longer up. no one answers the phone. emails are left unanswered. if you dont mind me asking, in your past experience, how exactly did you do it? lol.

  3. ive been trying to contact kumoten over several issues one of them being how to request the credit balance withrawal but support at kumoten is unresponsive. their live chat isnt up anymore, they dont answer the phone and my emails are left unanswered. if you dont mind me asking, in your experience, how exactly did you do it?

  4. Hi, what if my shopee customers buy products that are not from savevalue(products that i sell) and products that are from savevalue ? I have watched youtube video saying that the postage will be seperated ? How do i manage that since there will be only 1 shopee airwaybill ?

    • Hi Fikri. I haven’t encounter this situation before. But logically, it will be separated. If save value mart is the first one to ship, then, the Shopee tracking will use save value mart. It is best to inform ur customer the situation prior to shipping.

  5. Hi, I’m newbie for save value mart dropshipping. Do you know how to get the profit? Cause the member cost stated on the product in save value is rm19 and the selling price i put for shopee is rm22.80. Why i have to pay rm22.80 to save value mart instead of paying the member cost? Help me to clarify this thank you

    • Hi Lily, it looks weird to me. Btw, have you register or create an account with save value mart? If yes, how do you put the product at Shopee? Auto sync or manually?

  6. I just registered on save value and wanted to give it a try to publish 1 of the product from save value to shopee. Unfortunately, when its come to shopee sync its wont allowed me to select the category section and i failed to upload the product due to the category.

  7. Hi! Can I use Shopee Supported Logistics (such as J&T) for me to do dropshipping with SaveValue2u? I was told that any kind of dropshiping must use “Others” method of logistic and can not use SSL? How true is this? Please help. Thanks.

  8. I am doing dropshipping with SaveValue too. But one thing bothers me. The products that I chose in SV, I made sure all of them are correctly synced to my Lazada seller account, and all of them have already mark with a green tick. Question is, why some times I check my SV store I see some of the products suddenly turn ‘unsynced’ (green tick turns to greyed-out)? I tried to re-sync again, but the same time another product becomes ‘unsynced’ too. I end up re-sync everything twice and this is really troubling and wasting time. Does anyone know why is this happening?

  9. Hi, do you know anyway to withdraw top up money from savevalue2u? I dont see any article about this “withdraw”. So there is no way to get the money back once we top up?

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