Semenggoh Wildlife Centre – Kuching’s Orangutans Sanctuary

Orangutans or scientifically known as Pongo pygmaeus are primates native to Indonesia and Malaysia. As a Sarawakian, we should be proud that we have a lot of endemic flora and fauna species that cannot be found elsewhere throughout the globe. One of the best sanctuaries for Orangutans is the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre which is located along Jalan Borneo Heights, Kuching.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Location

When weekends arrived, most of us will start thinking what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go? Googling for places to go or visit, especially in Kuching, I think the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre should be in your list.

If you are from Kuching city, you can take approximately half an hour drive to get there. 15 kilometers from Kuching to the location. Nowadays, you can just take a grab to go to the best Orangutan sanctuary if you do not have a transport.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre board

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre can be categorized into Local and Foreigner.

Local Visitor to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Adult RM5.00
Senior Citizen RM3.00
Disabled Person RM3.00
Children (6 – 18 years old) RM2.00
Children (below 6 years old) FREE

Foreigner Tourist

Adult RM10.00
Senior Citizen RM10.00
Disabled Person RM5.00
Children (6 – 18 years old) RM5.00
Children (below 6 years old) FREE

What to Expect?

After you have made your payment, you can walk from the gate or entrance to the feeding area. However, be reminded that the distance is approximately 1KM. Hence, you are allowed to drive to the feeding area.

Once reaching the parking area, you will have to go down the hill to the feeding area.

hill at parking area

Before I forget, the Orangutans’ feeding time is 9.00am for morning session and 3.00pm for the afternoon session. So, you have to plan your time in order not to miss the opportunity of seeing them.

canteen at semenggoh wildlife centre

Referring to the above image, you can buy some snacks and souvenirs here. Posters about the Orangutans are also displayed nicely. Wash room? Yes, provided just for you.

Regular Orangutan Feeding Area

Regular feeding area

This is the regular feeding area of the Orangutans in Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. The park rangers are available most of the time guarding this area and be the tour guide during the feeding time.

two orangutans

While feeding the Orangutan the park guide will present or brief you all about this semi-wild primate. You will not be allowed to go near for your own safety.

park ranger and orangutan

Another info worth mentioning here is that, when it is fruiting season, most of the Orangutans will not come to the sanctuary. If you are lucky there might be one or two coming back here. Again, make yourself familiar with fruiting seasons of Malaysia.

Natural Feeding Area of Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

To see the Orangutans in the wild, you can go to the Nature side of the feeding area. You will need to walk approximately 100meter into the forest. Do not worry, as there will be guide personnel with you.

trail to the natural feeding area

There is a wooden platform built for you watch the Orangutan during the feeding time.

feeding platform for visitors

We were lucky that there was an Orangutan came to this platform to get its food/bananas.

watch orangutan at semenggoh wildlife centre

If you do not seen the large male, meaning that you have not seen it all. We were lucky to have “Edwin” came to the sanctuary during the feeding time.

Edwin the orangutan at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

As you can see, this is the regular feeding area. Since I do not have a zoom lens for my camera, this was the nearest I could possibly gotten. In reality, Edwin is quite huge and it definitely can scare someone. We were told to back off when he reached the visitors’ watching area.

Some Advice when going to Orangutan Sanctuary

If you do not want to miss seeing them, one must know the feeding time, of course. Next, is to know fruiting session. If there are many food in the forest, the Orangutans won’t bother to come back to the park. Love taking photos? Make sure you have at least 17-85mm lens. 50mm won’t do.




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