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Knowledge is one thing that all of us has a right to. Whether it is a how-to or why-is-that, knowledge is the stepping stone for us to be better at everything. Sharing knowledge freely is an honourable action one could do. Therefore, if you have the knowledge that you think can inspire and make the world a better place, you are cordially invited to submit your article to

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Free article submission

I just assume that you have the money to set up a blog or website, but it is not your first priority at the moment. It is just that you want your voice to be heard. Worry not, I do not have a plan to charge anyone to post their article in my blog at the moment. 

Two hyperlinks per post

You heard me right. I will allow 2 outbound links per post. You can put whatever links you want, but of course, I will review it to make sure that nobody’s hurt. I believe that you know what I meant to say here.

Write as long as you want per article post

I will set it a minimum of 300 words per article or post. Less than this, I will automatically let you write more UNTIL YOU PASS THAT 300!

Photos are essential

Everybody loves photos! Photos make a thousand words. BUT no infringements, please! A photo worth a 100 bucks!

Do not do this when submitting an article

Spam, I hate this!

Everyone hates spammers. So do I. Your post or article will be read by myself and I know if you try to spam or flood links into my blog.

Unique Article

That’s right. If you try to fool me, go ahead. I have brilliant software to check your copyscape. You can rewrite but make sure it is 70% unique. I have the full right to reject your post!

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