The Easiest Way to Stabilize Shaky Videos using Smartphone

There are times when all of the sudden you encounter a moment that you need to record it using your smartphone, and you realize that the video that you just recorded is shaky. It’s either you do not own a smartphone gimbal or you just do not have time to hook it up to your device. 

All I can say now, just record the video if you do not have the smartphone stabilizer because there are some decent android or iOS application that can turn shaky footages into stabilized videos.

In this case, I would like to get your attention to the android smartphone (because I do not own any apple products). Most people will go to Google play and browse the video stabilizer applications and install several applications based on the ratings and feedback that other users wrote.

There is an app that many android smartphone users do not realize that it can stabilize shaky videos which is called Google Photos! You do not even have to download because it is pre-intalled in android phone.

Everything that you recorded using your smartphone (this includes photos that you taken) will be stored inside Google Photos (of course you can set it not to be synced). Once recorderd, just launch the application. You will see thumbnails of videos and photos tha you have recorded and captured.

When the application open, select the shaky footage that you want to stabilize. When you select the video, it will automatically play. Touch anywhere on the screen to show some of the setting or control buttons.

The stabilize button is the one that I highlighted. Click it and then wait for the process to finish. And that is all. Too easy, time saving. You do not have to install other applications in order to stabilize shaky videos using your smartphone and the stabilizing quality is pretty good I must say. Check out the comparison of shaky footage and after it has been stabilized in the video below:

What do you think of Google Photos video stabilizer? I personally think it is great. Unless you want to produce a Hollywood movie level, surely you won’t use a  smartphone to record a video, right? 


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