The Forgotten Baan Gong Waterfall of Kampung Sikog

I was having a lunch break at work when one of my colleagues said that they will be going to have a picnic at the Baan Gong Waterfall at Kampung Sikog, Padawan. No question asked, I confirmed my attendance including my two kids and my wife. 

This is going to be fun as this is the first time that my 6 and 7 year old kid experiencing walking in the forest and get their hands dirty. 

Is the Baan Gong Waterfall of Kampung Sikog really forgotten?

Why this question is even asked? I have a little chit chat with my colleague who are from Kampung Mambong, Padawan before the trip. He did mentioned that he went to the waterfall back in 2000. That was 20 years ago.

baan gong waterfall of kampung sikog toilet

As you can see in the above photo, there is a toilet built for hikers and the condition is really bad. No, the toilet can’t be used anymore. That means, this Baan Gong Waterfall of Kampung Sikog was open to public for a quite some times. 

During our hike to the waterfall from Kampung Sikog, we did encountered groups of hikers making their way to the beautiful destination. And to our surprise,  there were a few more groups already enjoying the cool water of Baan Gong waterfall of Kampung Sikog.

This hikers’ hotspot is gaining its popularity again, and I meant in no time.

Our journey to the great waterfall

Lucky us, our guide is also one of my colleagues who are from Kampung Sikog. We park our vehicles at his mom’s house.

road in kampung sikog

We start our journey from his mother’s house and crossing the bridge to the entry point of the jungly trek. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes for a nature trekking. “Adidas Kampung” is highly recommended. 

corn field at Kampung Sikog

Before reaching the forest you will pass through the villager’s commercial crops fields such as paddy, rubber, corn and so on. 

Enjoying the forest of Baan Gong Waterfall

walk to the muddy trek

After the cornfield, it means that you are going to enter the forest. After a heavy rain, the trail is going to be very muddy and that is why the Adidas Kampung is very essential. 


The earlier journey you can find a lot fo bamboos.

streams and rivers

Before arriving to the Baan Gong Waterfall of Kampung Sikog, you will need to across seven small rivers or streams. The water is very clear and cool. So, this is the part where you can clean your feet after a muddy walk.

beautiful Baan Gong Waterfall

Reaching the waterfall, you can feel the coolness of the air and water. Fresh as it could get, the water is very clear and clean. If you look at the photo above, the water part at the rocks is quite deep. Being said that, make sure you know how swim or wear a life jacket. 

Be Cautious

Be extra vigilant when you are there. The rocks are quite slippery. Swim at your own risk. The spot for you to keep your belongings and relax is not that adequate. 

However, if you are early enough to reach this waterfall there are some nice spot for you to do that which include starting you fire for barbeque. 

My friend did say that there are couple more waterfalls in Baan Gong. If you are adventurous enough you can ask your guide to take you there. I wish I have more time, I would definitely check out all the waterfalls. Not to mention that I have to look after my two kids who were really enjoying themselves swimming in the cool water of the waterfall.

So, have you been to this waterfall? If yes, let me know your experience in the comment section down below. I would love to hear your say about the Baan Gong Waterfall of Kampung Sikog Padawan. 


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