Do you know how your website address would look like if you do not own a premium top level domain name? It will be something like this:

http://123.456.78.912 (just for example)

This is what we call IP address. I’m pretty sure that you know all this, right? As a website owner you can remember these numbers but how about your visitors? I am pretty sure that none of them bother to remembers that.

That is why a domain name server is important. Besides of how this technology works, from a laymen point of view, I prefer to say that it gives your website a proper address name which makes us easy to recognise or remember a website address. 

This is not actually the whole main point of this post but, it is good to give a little bit of introduction and a refresher to all the readers. Previously, I wrote about the spec comparison of Malaysia cheap web hosting companies. But now, I am presenting you the price comparison of the domain name offered by Malaysian companies:

Domain Name Provider TezHost Jimat Hosting GB Network Solution JomHosting SkyBiz
.COM domain name price RM40 per year RM45 per year RM45 per year RM48.99 per year RM49.90
Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

To make it clear here, I do comparison based on .COM domain name in order to be able to distinguish the price differences offered by different companies. We know that there are dozens of domain name extension such as .NET, .INFO, .ORG and many more, where the price or cost are completely different.

After doing the comparison, I notice that the companies listed in the comparison table are almost the same with the web hosting companies that I compared in my previous post. The only difference is the ranking. Or maybe I have missed other companies? If you think so, please let me know in the comment down below.


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